They meet online and get married and when he gets sick, she discovers her kidney is a perfect match -
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They meet online and get married and…
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They meet online and get married and when he gets sick, she discovers her kidney is a perfect match

December 15, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Nothing happens by chance and, for sure, the life paths of Dan and Lisa have crossed for specific reasons.

The two got to know each other online and immediately liked each other and they knew that they would spend their lives together, but they didn't imagine how their story would evolve.

Thanks to an online app, the couple immediately discovered that they were what is called a "perfect match", i.e., "perfect compatibility".

This is the classic example of two people who find each other because they both share the same interests and, perhaps, their views regarding the world and life in general  are very similar.

The two did not know it, at the time, but they would also find a "perfect compatibility" in another very important aspect of their lives.

via: CNN

As mentioned previously, Dan and Lisa immediately liked each other, from the first moment they met. They fell in love and finally crowned their dream of love by getting married.

Life, however, always puts obstacles in front of us and Dan had to face a rather serious one when the kidney disease that had been diagnosed when he was 20, began to get worse and become very serious.

Dan thus suddenly found himself needing to find a compatible donor, in short, to save his life - he needed a donor that would be a "perfect match".

Understanding the emergency situation, his wife, Lisa, immediately took the test to see if there was any compatibility.

The odds of a similar miracle occurring were 1 in 100,000, but the result left no doubt: her kidney was compatible!

"It's like sitting next to a stranger on a train and as soon as you get to know them you fall in love with them," said Lisa, "there was this feeling in the air that everything would work out right."

The kidney transplant was successfully completed at UCSF Medical Center and the couple is now happy, healthy, and have a young son.

For both, deciding to use that dating application turned out to be the "perfect" choice.

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