This young boy's entire class went with him to court to support him during his adoption hearing -
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This young boy's entire class went with…
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This young boy's entire class went with him to court to support him during his adoption hearing

December 11, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

It is in the moment of need that we become aware of the people who truly care about us.

They are the ones who help us and support us with their warmth and affection, encouraging us when we are faced with very special and important moments.

A young American boy named Michael Clark Jr., from Michigan surely thought that when he had to face a situation that is certainly not experienced by many people.

In fact, Michael had to go to court with his adoptive parents for the hearing about his custody.

A special moment that, thanks to the closeness of kind and supportive people, was revealed to be a true lesson of love.

It is almost never a pleasure for a young child in kindergarten to be in a courtroom. But in this case, Michael, was not alone while experiencing this very special moment in court.

In fact, his whole class, including his teacher, had been "transferred" to the courtroom to allow him to feel their support and affection.

When Michael finally became an official member of his new family, alongside his adoptive parents Andrea Melvin and Dave Eaton, his classmates could not hold back their joy, applauding, and congratulating the young boy during that special moment.

This was a "school trip" that was truly out of the ordinary, organized, and carried out by their teacher Kerry McKee.

Michael really appreciated their presence and the teacher, together with her students, managed to make him feel even happier with their support, besides that of his loving adoptive parents.

The event had great appeal and the story was posted on the Internet, provoking reactions of approval from many people.

The same judge who presided over the hearing, Patricia Gardner, expressed her pleasure at the sight of Michael's class and their warm and supportive participation.

A motivating and inspiring story that this young boy will surely remember for a lifetime!


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