This young boy with Down syndrome embraces and comforts his autistic classmate -
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This young boy with Down syndrome embraces…
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This young boy with Down syndrome embraces and comforts his autistic classmate


The spontaneity and empathy that a child is able to demonstrate will never cease to amaze us.

These young, innocent, and sincere individuals, at times, manage to make gestures that only appear to be small, but that contain an enormous significance.

Precisely from these episodes, everyone can find inspiration and encouraging life lessons.

And we cannot help but think of this when we consider the video we are about to talk to you about. A small, yet moving gesture, performed by a very special student and captured on video by a teacher.

via: Daily Mail

The incident takes place in a primary school in Mexico, where a teacher, who preferred to remain anonymous, could not help but film the scene she observed.

What she saw was that when one of her students who is autistic was in difficulty, frightened, and momentarily paralyzed by the relational difficulties that his syndrome unfortunately entails, he received a compassionate gesture of comfort from another classmate.

We are talking about a young boy with Down syndrome who, without thinking about it and as if it were the most normal thing to do, tried to calm his autistic classmate, first caressing him, then embracing him in his arms and finally drying his tears.

It is difficult to find the right words to express what you feel by watching the scene.

The empathy, tenderness, and spontaneity that was shown by a young boy with Downs syndrome, already less fortunate than others because of his condition, have no equal and are more suggestive than a thousand words.

In a short time, for this reason, the video was posted and shared on the Internet, touching the hearts of millions of users on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

However, many people, have emphasized when describing their experiences with a child with Down syndrome, that they have never found this condition as "limiting" from the point of view of kindness, sympathy, and the ability to understand the feelings of other people.


In any case, the gesture of this wonderful child was certainly heartwarming. All that remains is to be thankful for all the many people who, like this young boy, are themselves also a source of inspiration to others to act, day by day, with kindness while showing compassion to everyone around them.

Below is the link to the video of the heartwarming scene described in this article:


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