This elderly woman was afraid of her neighbor's pit bull dog but when she fell in her house, the dog saved her life -
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This elderly woman was afraid of her…
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This elderly woman was afraid of her neighbor's pit bull dog but when she fell in her house, the dog saved her life


Each dog breed has its own personality and temperament. However, what matters most is training and the context in which an animal lives.

Usually, many people are more suspicious of some dog breeds than others. For example, pit bulls or Dobermanns, precisely because they are considered to be particularly aggressive dogs.

In reality, perhaps, it is mostly their aspect that inspires fear, more than anything else, although one certainly should be careful with dogs of that size.

Case in point is this sweet pit bull dog named Simba that has demonstrated that the fear, which many people have of pit bull dogs, is completely unfounded.

Simba lives in an apartment in Sweden together with his owner, a young man named Arjanit Mehana.

And although the dog tries to approach the people who live in the apartment building in a friendly way, many try to avoid him.

One neighbor, in particular, an elderly woman who lives downstairs, has always shown herself to be particularly cold towards the dog and also rather frightened by its presence.

"He always tried to greet her, but she always called him a bad dog, looking at him with fear," said Mehana, "She never liked Simba because she says it's a bad breed".

Simba, however, has never shown any aggression or dislike towards the elderly woman, indeed - his sweetness and his instinct to help others soon proved itself, in spite of the elderly woman's negative behavior toward him.


One day, Mehana and Simba were returning from a walk when, passing the stairs next to the elderly neighbor's house, the dog began to behave strangely.

"He wouldn't move and started barking and running towards the door where the neighbor lives. I pulled the leash hard but he refused to follow me," the young man said.

After a few seconds, Mehana realized that Simba was trying to tell him something and only then could he hear a faint sound coming from inside the elderly woman's apartment!

"I heard a weak voice trying to shout for help and saying "Please don't go away!''. Fortunately, Simba had heard that urgent request for help!

Fortunately, the door was not locked, and Mehana managed easily to enter. When he opened the door, he found his elderly neighbor on the floor!

In fact, she had fallen and broken her pelvis and had been sitting on the floor in pain for two days, hoping someone would hear her and come to help her.

No doubt about it, Simba had heard the elderly woman's request for help just in time! Mehana waited with the woman for the arrival of the ambulance and, while waiting, the elderly woman never stopped thanking Simba, calling him "a very sweet and kind dog".

With his heroic gesture, Simba has amply demonstrated that he truly does have a big and kind heart.

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