At 86 she decided to do something about her scoliosis and thanks to yoga she has started walking again -
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At 86 she decided to do something about…
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At 86 she decided to do something about her scoliosis and thanks to yoga she has started walking again

December 10, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

In recent years, yoga has been one of the leading physical workouts that provide extremely beneficial effects on our mental and physical health.

Moreover, in some cases, it has proven to be one of the only permanent and effective therapies for certain health problems.

A perfect example is Anna Pesce, an elderly woman who had suffered for a long time from a curved spine, a condition that is called scoliosis. And at the age of 86, this condition had become so severe that she was confined to a wheelchair.

Scoliosis is a more common condition than people think and it means that patients have a prominent curve in their spine that is often quite painful. This condition affects over 4 million people in the United States alone.

While most patients are provided with a special brace for spinal correction, or even surgery, to treat scoliosis, actually, the most effective remedy for this condition is undoubtedly physical exercise.

After Anna Pesce realized that her spinal condition had taken over her life, she knew she had to do something different to ease the pain and get back in control of her life.

The woman explained: "I had tried everything: acupuncture, a physiotherapist, and seeing a chiropractor. You feel good temporarily, but the pain comes back soon after a session."

Following the failed attempts of various therapies to lighten the burden of her permanent pain, Anna's daughter introduced her mother to Rachel Jesien, a yoga instructor, and back specialist.

The two quickly started working together, learning different positions and correct postures, that could help Anna. After only one month of pleasant and highly beneficial yoga exercises, Anna managed to walk again.


Yoga exercises have shown numerous benefits for treating many physical and mental conditions, from obesity to heart disease, to stress and depression.

For this reason, many people around the world are turning to yoga as a form of treatment for a variety of conditions instead of taking prescription drugs and undergoing treatments that can even worsen their condition.

The story of 86-year-old Anna Pesce certainly encourages us to roll up our sleeves and start a yoga course that, in any case, will do a lot of good for our body and mind!


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