They met on a dating website and on their first date discovered they knew each other 30 years ago -
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They met on a dating website and on…
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They met on a dating website and on their first date discovered they knew each other 30 years ago

December 08, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

When Justin Pounders's girlfriend Adrianne Roberts was murdered, in 2012, he thought he would never find another woman to love and with whom he could live together.

His mother, however, prayed every day that her son would meet a woman who could restore his smile and joy of life.

Fortunately, that is how things turned out! In fact, Justin found love on a dating website and only later did he find out that the woman he had fallen in love with had been his childhood girlfriend once - when they were in kindergarten!

After the loss of his girlfriend, Justin moved to Orlando where his mother lives. Here he signed up on an online dating website, where he met a woman named Amy Giberson.

The photos seemed to show a captivating and energetic girl: "When I saw her profile, I was immediately attracted to her for some reason," said Justin.

The two met online, but shortly after they started planning their first date. Neither of them knew that in reality they already knew each other, having been friends when they were in kindergarten.

On the first date, Justin said he liked the name, Amy, particularly because it was also the name of a little girl who went to school with him.

Of course, Amy, at first, did not imagine that the "Amy" he was talking about was herself, except when they both found out they had been in the same kindergarten class at the same time.


Justin also found an old photo showing him and Amy sitting close together, unaware that their paths would separate and then magically rejoin 30 years later.

Today, Justin and Amy are married and have two beautiful children.

This story is just one example of how life can make huge turns and then retrace its steps, and double back to find you on the most unlikely roads!

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