The latest crazy fashion trend in plastic…
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The latest crazy fashion trend in plastic surgery is to have lips like those of cartoon villains

December 06, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Aesthetic surgery has always been used not only for functional and "reconstructive" purposes, but also purely aesthetic.

Many women (but also men!) resort to surgery even when there seems to be absolutely no need for it.

Some people think of adjusting their nose, lips, and cheekbones a little and end up turning their face into something unrecognizable.

The latest brand-new crazy fashion trend in cosmetic surgery is "Devil Lips".  What is it? This cosmetic plastic surgery consists of lifting two or more corners and angles of the mouth and lips to make them resemble those of cartoon villains.

via: iheart

There are several online photos, especially on Instagram, that show people who have adopted this new trend and this has caused it to become even more noticed and discussed.

They are called "devil lips", a name that refers to the shape that the lips take thanks to this particular lip filler.

Slowly, the hashtag #devillips is becoming more and more popular on social media networks, amid the general bewilderment of many who cannot believe that there really are people who desire to have such lips.


And what do you think of this strange fashion?

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