This dog sits next to his owner's little girl and waits with her until the school bus arrives and departs -
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This dog sits next to his owner's little…
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This dog sits next to his owner's little girl and waits with her until the school bus arrives and departs

December 04, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

We will never tire of repeating that dogs are wonderful animals. With their pure character and their unconditional love, these animals can really improve the days and lives of those who decide to adopt and live with them.

Dogs are, in effect, life companions, capable of giving human beings affection and protection in such quantities that are not always present even in human beings.

On the other hand, for dogs, this is their natural predisposition that centers on their ability to live in harmony with all the members of their "family" whether it be other dogs or human beings.

The owners of the dog we are about to showcase, know this well! In fact, their dog is a great protector of their little girl, and the dog behaves with her just like any loving and attentive parent would.


Case in point is the fact that every morning when the little girl waits for the school bus to arrive in front of the house, the big dog sits next to her and waits until the bus has arrived and departed.

The big and gentle dog provides the little girl with company, care, protection, and love. The instinctive gesture of this splendid animal is a mix of all this, so much so that the little girl's mother could not help but make a video and share with others what she sees every school day morning! 

In the video, we witness the dog, sitting quietly as it waits for the yellow school bus to arrive and continues to wait to make sure that the little girl gets on the bus without any problems, and then the dog trots back to the front door of the house.

Of course, it is quite normal for a dog to always accompany its owner but what makes this dog extraordinary, however, is that it waits patiently until the little girl is safely on the school bus.

This is the gesture of an attentive and loving parent! This wonderful four-legged friend seems to treat the little girl in the family as she were a young puppy. Thus, the dog's behavior is a manifestation of tenderness and love from which everyone should take inspiration!

Yes, indeed! Dogs are wonderful creatures that are capable of really doing everything for us!


Here below is the link to the video that shows the dog as he behaves like a truly loving and attentive parent:


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