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He makes his declaration in a fast-food…
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He makes his declaration in a fast-food restaurant and is humiliated but some companies decide to help pay for their wedding

November 22, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

When there is true love, the material things that your partner can offer you do not count.

This is especially true when it comes to making a declaration of marriage and, even if it is in a fast-food restaurant, it is still fantastic all the same!

This was demonstrated by a South African couple who, enthusiastically and officially got engaged in a local Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in front of dozens of people who did not hesitate to record the moment on their smartphones.

However, there was a woman present who chose to ridicule and embarrass the couple via Twitter, making fun of the man's decision to ask his girlfriend to marry him in a fast-food restaurant.

via: BBC

People on the Internet immediately criticized this woman's offensive posts making fun of the loving couple, but surely no one expected the wave of support that happened as a result of her rude behavior!

In fact, her negative posts and the related push-back responses all caused a chain reaction of favorable assistance and offers from several very prestigious brands and companies to be offered to the couple in question!

First, KFC asked to find and contact the happy couple to offer to pay for their wedding, then McDonald's joined the cause and decided to pay for their honeymoon stay in Cape Town and, likewise, a prestigious jewelry store wanted to donate two wedding rings to them. And that was not all for the happy couple!

For its part, Huawei has also offered them two new smartphones so that the two lovers can capture an unlimited number of images of the best moments in their future life as a married couple.

Consequently, in this way, the chain of favors and offers for the couple has continued to grow day by day and all because one man had the courage to show that true love does not need luxury or a flashy display of wealth.

Of course, the couple is still amazed by all the help they have received and they are trying to think about the offers and to make wise decisions about their future, says a close friend whose name remains anonymous.


In conclusion, there has been a real wave of support from all over South Africa for this couple who, with their simple gesture of love for each other have enthused so many other people around the world.

Congratulations to you both! You deserve all the love that is possible and imaginable in this world!


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