They save a little puppy from freezing and discover that it has a second tail growing on its forehead -
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They save a little puppy from freezing…
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They save a little puppy from freezing and discover that it has a second tail growing on its forehead


This beautiful male puppy dog has already conquered everyone on the Internet thanks to its gentle and unique appearance.

The little puppy was saved from freezing to death, and fortunately, now it is well and is getting back into shape. However, its appearance is very particular, because it has a small tail that grows on its forehead.

We are not surprised, therefore, if Internet users have immediately renamed the little puppy, the "unicorn dog".

Having a second tail that grows on its forehead does not prevent it from being adorable - and perhaps even more appealing than a dog with a single tail!

It’s me Narwhal!! I don’t understand what viral is but my foster mama said my story being viral helps ALL our special...

Pubblicato da Mac the pitbull su Martedì 12 novembre 2019

Some volunteers from the Mac's Mission association, which is dedicated to the rescue of dogs and is based in Missouri, suddenly saw a little dog wandering with another larger dog, in the cold and freezing streets of the city.

Both dogs were immediately rescued and taken to their animal shelter, where the two dogs were able to warm up and receive food and proper care.

What immediately got the attention of the volunteers was a small protuberance sticking out of the forehead of the smaller dog. In fact, a miniature tail was growing in the middle of its forehead!

Someone is not super thrilled about the vet. I tried telling Narwhal it wasn’t scary to get xrays. Love, MacaroniBigBro

Pubblicato da Mac the pitbull su Martedì 12 novembre 2019

And, if you are wondering: No, the little tail in its forehead does not move and wag!

The Mac's Mission association has shared some photos of the little puppy dog on Facebook, explaining how they have renamed it, "Narwhal, The Little Magical Furry Unicorn" in honor of its unique appearance.

Furthermore, an X-ray has revealed that the miniature tail is not connected to anything and that, therefore, it has absolutely no function other than making the little puppy one of the cutest and sweetest dogs ever.

At the moment, therefore, there seems to be no need to remove it.


Even if the little puppy will undoubtedly be entrusted to a family that loves him and that takes care of him, the association has decided to keep him a little longer with them, to wait for it to grow a bit bigger and to be  100% sure that there are no complications due to the second tail.

Needless to say, the little puppy's photos have been seen by innumerable users on social media platforms all over the world! And this exposure is helping Mac's Mission to reach many people who, now, are aware of the great work that this animal association has been doing.

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