The judge holds a young mother's baby while she takes the oath to become a lawyer -
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The judge holds a young mother's baby…
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The judge holds a young mother's baby while she takes the oath to become a lawyer


Those who study and have a child to raise at the same time, know well how many difficulties this situation can entail.

It is not at all easy, in fact, to pursue a course of study until a degree is obtained without neglecting one's child.

This was also the case for Juliana Lamar, an American graduate of the Belmont University College of Law, in Tennessee.

The young mother, despite various difficulties, managed to enroll in the Tennessee Bar Association (TBA), in order to be able to officially become a lawyer and practice the profession she has always dreamed of.

However, the images of the simple gesture made by the judge as he was administering the oath to her while holding her baby on his hip, were posted on Twitter and seen by numerous online users.

Thereby, illustrating his example of spontaneous kindness and respect better than a thousand words.


Richard Dinkins, this is the name of the magistrate in question, has never hidden the great admiration he holds for Juliana because he knew that, even with little Beckham, her one-year-old son, the young woman would do great things.

The little boy, in fact, was born while the young woman was attending law school. Continuing to study law and respecting the strict mandatory attendance policy of her law faculty, was definitely not a walk in the park.

The judge, aware of all the difficulties experienced by the young woman, publicly wanted to show her his support. At the time of the official taking of the oath, he offered to hold her child in his arms, rocking him as he read the text of the oath to be repeated by the new lawyer.

The video of the ceremony, created by those present, soon made its way around the Internet, provoking admiration from many users.

The fact that Julia wanted little Beckham to participate in one of the most memorable moments of his mother's life was, also for the judge, significant and necessary to emphasize the success of her efforts.

Precisely, for this reason, he chose to perform this simple but symbolic act of kindness and respect.

Judge Dinkins, as a point of reference, an inspiration, and a supporter behaved just like any teacher should with their students.


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