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He is a "love baby" because he was born…
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He is a "love baby" because he was born with a heart-shaped birthmark on his forehead


Every mother imagines what her child will look like during the nine months of her pregnancy.

And although nowadays, ultrasound techniques are increasingly detailed, the surprise effect at birth is still guaranteed.

The mother of baby Çinar Engin certainly could not have known that on the face of her baby boy there would be a birthmark with a very particular shape!

In fact, this "love baby" birthmark is so particular that it has made her little baby boy immediately "famous" on the Internet and on social media networks.

The fact is that Çinar Engin was born in October 2015 with a heart-shaped birthmark on his face.

Of course, his parents immediately noticed this peculiarity of their baby boy at birth and therefore, the nurses certainly did not hesitate to rename the little baby boy, the "love baby".

The birthmark, positioned on the child's forehead, has exactly the shape of a heart. Even the reddish color is spot on! Pun intended!

Birthmarks aka cravings, are frequent in newborns and are commonly referred to with this name, because they are mistakenly associated with the unfulfilled desires of the mother, usually for a certain food, during her pregnancy.


The child's parents admit to having had difficulty simply walking down the street with their little son, due to the number of people who wanted to stop to look more closely at the birthmark.

Perhaps, birthmarks or cravings need to be studied more seriously, but in the case of Çinar, the doctors immediately reassured his parents in regards to the harmlessness of the birthmark.

The child has been the protagonist of many selfies, taken by those who see in that little heart on his forehead a sign of good luck.

Doctors reiterate that birthmarks can regress spontaneously during childhood. It is possible, therefore, that sooner or later the love baby will see his "heart" fade away!

However, even if the birthmark disappears from Çinar's face, he will still remain an adorable and loving child!

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