Children are babies only once so let's enjoy their presence, without thinking too much about the future -
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Children are babies only once so let's…
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Children are babies only once so let's enjoy their presence, without thinking too much about the future


It is true that in the first weeks and months of our children's lives our own lives will undergo major changes.

In fact, our lifestyle will change to give way to another routine, namely, that of a father and mother. There will be sleepless nights and fatigue that will be felt more and more, as will our concerns regarding the health of the newborn baby. 

Consequently, sometimes, it may happen that instead of enjoying the present moments with our baby, we dream of things changing quickly so that we can relax and breathe a little. And therefore, we find ourselves living the present thinking of the future and not enjoying the present itself.

Let's try not to think only about the sleepless nights, the fears and the almost constant fatigue of the first years as parents, but let's also enjoy the wonderful things that happen during the infancy of our children. 

In a single year, our babies change dramatically, moving from relying entirely on us to being already able in their first year of life to sit alone, some to take their first steps, and others become experts at eating without needing our help.


So one day, we realize our precious baby has grown up, and that he or she will have less and less need of us and that we will not be able to do anything to prevent their independence.

So let us take advantage now that our baby is small, considering that the difficult phases also have their positive side. In fact, today we are his or her entire world, a safe and secure place. Moreover, our baby spontaneously interacts with us and covers us with kisses and hugs.

In addition, our baby is our most passionate fan and loves to imitate us. In infancy, our baby's imagination is incredible, they invite us to play with them, to be children again with them in their innocence and joy. Therefore, let's enjoy that innocent smile and that tiny little hand that we would like to never let go.


One day all those things will disappear. Soon our child will no longer want our kisses or that we take him or her by the hand because they are older and bigger. A day will come when they will prefer to go out with their friends rather than with us, their parents. So let's enjoy it now while we can when they are babies and we can savor their presence in our life day by day.

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August 02, 2017

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