Mom is she who carries you 9 months in her womb, 3 years in her arms, and all her life in her heart!

by Shirley Marie Bradby

December 26, 2018

Mom is she who carries you 9 months in her womb, 3 years in her arms, and all her life in her heart!

A mother becomes a mother long before the baby is born; she is a mom, even before knowing the result of the pregnancy test.

She becomes a mom when she realizes she can make room inside herself and in her life, for the greatest gift that a woman can receive.

Motherhood is an event that science can never fully explain; it is rather like being under a spell in which every mother finds herself deeply involved, without knowing how to explain it in words.

via Psychology Today


When still in the womb, the mother does not transmit only food, nourishment, and oxygen to the baby; between the two there is also an exchange of emotions, of signals in an unknown language. The mother, unlike the father, meets her baby long before she sees him or her in the flesh. 

Some studies say that towards the end of a pregnancy, a woman already knows what her child will look like; and the predictions have come true in many cases, reflecting how intense the communication between the two can be.


This wonderful spell does not disappear with birth. Remembering the close bond with the mother inside the womb, the child immediately recognizes her importance and consolidates its love for her.

Mother and child continue to be as one, especially in the first months of life when the newborn baby completely depends on her.

Mothers have never received a manual of instructions about how to raise their child; motherhood is one of the very few cases in which relying on instinct is a good thing. It is not uncommon to see a first-time mother with a baby, displaying more knowledge than she has ever learned from books and courses. Her teacher is her innate femininity, the maternal instinct present in every woman, waiting only for a suitable moment to manifest itself. 

When the baby is very small, a mother understands the true power of love; it is a period that is not easy at all, full of difficulties, stressful moments, and hard challenges. But for a mother it takes just one look into the eyes of her baby, to feel his or her movements to suddenly feel the strength to go on.

No, the bond between mother and child does not end even when the child, has become older and bigger and shows that he or she can handle many situations alone or by themselves. 

A mother, at this point, will remember with emotion the moments when her child was inside her womb and together, they were as one, even as she watches her child becoming increasingly independent.

Over the years, the love for one's child will undergo countless changes; the mother will no longer have to offer her child nourishment for him or her to survive, but nevertheless, a mother will never become superfluous in the life of a child. 

It is a bond that is too intense to fade due to distance, habit or old age. In fact, a child will continue to look for his or her mother in every corner of the world and in the sky, without ever finding a substitute for her presence.