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A simple technique to teach your child…
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A simple technique to teach your child not to interrupt while you are talking to someone


All parents have found themselves experiencing the same situation: In the middle of an interesting conversation - and finally among adults! - their child swoops in, with an urgent question, demanding the exclusive attention of their parent(s) - who in these cases usually react in two possible ways. 

The first is to send the child away, making them notice that they have interrupted a conversation, perhaps asking them to apologize to the interlocutor. The second is to support the child, thus immediately putting an end to the conversation. 

However, there is a third option, that is more effective, which does not embarrass anyone and makes everyone happy.

To propose this solution, is a mother who saw it put into practice by several of her friends, and then decided to share this precious pearl of educational wisdom with other parents on the web: 

"We were visiting some of our family friends at their house when the host's 3-year-old son came to tell her something, but instead of interrupting the conversation she was having with me, she put her hand on her child's hand and the child waited patiently. The little one waited for us to finish talking and then started to say what he had come for. 

I was stunned! Here was a simple solution that could easily solve a situation that instead was still a problem for me. 

I asked the woman to explain, asking how had she taught her son not to interrupt conversations and she replied that for some time now she had been using the technique that she had just demonstrated. When children run to say something to their parents, they want to be taken into serious consideration. It is very important for children to be heard, for this reason, driving them away is something to be absolutely avoided.

Instead, it is important to assure them that we will listen to them as soon as we can - that is, as soon as we have finished talking to the other person. Holding their hand is a way to make them understand that we have acknowledged their listening request and that now they should not do anything else but wait to be listened to - which will happen shortly thereafter. 

I was really amazed at how easy it could be because sometimes we forget that there is no need for strong measures to transmit the principles of good manners to children. No need to shout "Do not interrupt me!" or "Shut up! We are talking." At that moment, physical contact between a parent and child is worth a thousand words.  

Since then I have not stopped using this technique. Now, my children wait their turn before speaking because they know that I will respect their request to be heard."   

A method as simple as it is valid, that certainly should be tried! What do you think?


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