You cannot be a father only when you remember and psychological studies explain the importance of this role -
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You cannot be a father only when you…
He sees a woman in difficulty trying to fill up her tank and he decides to give her the money she needs A dad leaves his 3-year-old daughter alone in the kitchen for 10 minutes and she eats 18 single-serve cartons of yogurt

You cannot be a father only when you remember and psychological studies explain the importance of this role


Some men, when children arrive and they become fathers, decide to leave their partner, or when things are not going well or if there is no more love between them, then for these men, it time to leave.

The problem is that certain fathers then begin to enter and exit their children's lives every time they see fit. Thus, children suffer from these inconstant attitudes of their father, who sometimes seems to forget that he is a father forever and not just in his spare time.

Once you become a parent, in fact, you cannot just say "enough" or do it at alternate times, when it is more convenient - you are a parent forever.

A father is always a father, and not only when he remembers that he is, or when he writes loving phrases on social media networks, accompanied by a picture taken who knows when.

image: Pixabay

Children are very sensitive and often perceive and understand much more than adults. For this reason, it is not right to hurt their feelings by entering and leaving their lives at will.

Children need stability and to know that their parents love them and are close to them, because even if the couple relationship ends, the father-child relationship should never be interrupted or broken.

Children are not at fault, they are indeed the greatest victims of our choices. There are a thousand occasions to be together with them, from going out for a meal, to a birthday party, or going to the movies together or accompanying them to school.

It does not matter so much how you do it, as long as you dedicate your time and make it clear to your children that they are very important to you.

image: Pexels

That of the father is a fundamental figure in the growth of a child and it is very harmful to a child to always feel rejected or put on the back burner.

To have a child means, first of all, to live the experience of the child's existence, to know what they like to do or if they are doing well at school, if they have friends, and what they like to eat.

A child is not an object to be put on display like a trophy only when you feel like it! Because, if that is the case, it would be better to just stay out your child's life completely rather than continue to hurt and delude your child in that way.

However, by doing this, namely, being permanently absent from your child's life, the first person to lose something is the father.

Yes, because all the beautiful moments and days and much more will be lost and can never come back! And these are all things that are truly valuable and represent special gifts of love and living that should be shared with your child.


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