Sometimes, staying together in an unhappy marriage has worse effects on a child than getting a divorce -
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Sometimes, staying together in an unhappy…
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Sometimes, staying together in an unhappy marriage has worse effects on a child than getting a divorce

By Cylia Queen

Separation and divorce isn't easy for anyone to go through, especially for couples who have children. In fact, the psychological toll that divorce and separation can take on a child is enough to convince some parents to stay together. What these parents don't realize, however, is that by staying together (especially if the relationship is toxic) they are only creating more serious problems for their children down the road.  

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This is why when couples refuse to consider separation or divorce as a healthy option for their children, they could actually be making one of the biggest mistakes of their lives and as parents. Keeping a bad marriage alive is not only a terrible idea for the obvious reasons (i.e. continuous fighting, misunderstandings, negativity, and flaring tensions), it also creates an unhealthy and unstable environment for children to grow up in. This unhealthy environment thus creates deep psychological issues that can stay with a child for the rest of his or her life. 

The most common psychological disorders seen in children whose parents are stuck in a toxic marriage are issues of low self-esteem, problems relating to other people or making friends, and issues communicating with people on an interpersonal level (i.e. friendship and relationship problems).   

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Another common characteristic shared by children who live in an unhealthy environment are that they often mirror their parents behavior when interacting with friends, family, and even teachers. These interactions are often negative and can turn violent in the worst cases. If parents aren't careful and don't catch it early enough, their child's behavior can spin out of control, which can then only be resolved through psychological intervention. 

Needless to say, sometimes saving an unhealthy marriage isn't worth the negative effects it can have on your children. When it comes time to decide whether or not you should stay together with your spouse - and the only reason is for the sake of your kids - separation is probably the best option. Even if your kids won't see it at the beginning, they will probably thank you for it later. 


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