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Every evening, this baker leaves unsold…
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Every evening, this baker leaves unsold bread and other food for people in need on a bench


Our society, now based more than ever, on the cult of the image, makes us perceive as real only the most loudly proclaimed and documented gestures.

Instead, there is an immense amount of small daily silent actions that people all over the world perform without receiving compliments or praise, just for the pleasure of doing it.

Case in point is Fedele, a Sicilian baker who for 19 years has been performing a series of acts of altruism in favor of those who are destitute or less fortunate.

A short distance from his bakery, in the city of Caltanissetta (Sicily), there is a bench similar to many others, if it were not for the fact that in the evening it becomes the place where a small miracle takes place.

In fact, the bench is "miraculously" is filled with bags of bread, water, cartons of milk, olive oil, and other basic necessities.

And everything is left there for anyone to take whatever they want or need, especially families in difficulty and those who are homeless.

It all started long ago when Fedele was still a young boy and worked together with his father in their bakery.

One day a priest came to their shop, and when asked what he was looking for, he replied that he wanted only a little bread.

Following him to the bakery shop exit, Fedele saw that the priest was distributing that bread to many needy people in the street, and that image has always remained in his mind and heart.


Fedele's silent and tireless mission is no longer limited to putting the bread leftover at the end of the day on the bench because now it also involves a network of solidarity of other people who likewise provide donations every day.

These donations are food and drinks that when needed, Fedele will also deliver to someone's doorstep before he goes home. For example, to help a sick mother who was struggling to make ends meet and could not go to the "solidarity bench".

The example of someone like Fedele, who has been carrying out his own very personal and marvelous undertaking of altruism for almost 20 years, shows us that to have a good heart it is not necessary to give huge monetary donations or make great proclamations!

Actually, it is enough to start from everyday life, from simple everyday gestures. As simple as leaving leftover fresh bread on a bench for whoever needs it.

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