After 5 years in captivity, this dog sees the sea for the first time and cannot hold back its joy -
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After 5 years in captivity, this dog…
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After 5 years in captivity, this dog sees the sea for the first time and cannot hold back its joy


For many people, their pets are real family members, essential components with which to share joys, bad days, fun and everyday life.

Whether cats or dogs, four-legged friends are often so loved that they become life companions.

Unfortunately, however, this is not true for everyone who decide to get a pet, and especially, in regards to dogs, which are decidedly more dependent on human beings, the treatment they receive is not always the best.

On the contrary, the cases in which these animals, seemingly without particular motivations, are abused, neglected or forced to live in pitiful conditions are not rare.

This is the case of the male German shepherd we are about to tell you about. A sad story, which nevertheless had a positive ending, which completely changed the life of the dog in question.

His name is Herschel and he is a splendid example of a long-haired German shepherd who, in his life, had never been very lucky.

This is because, after having been adopted for the first time, he was soon brought back to an animal shelter, where he lived in neglect, in narrow spaces, and with his movements restricted by chains.

This condition is exactly the opposite of that in which a dog of this breed should live, whose nature is anything but sedentary. Fortunately, however, things were set to improve for Herschel.

After being taken under the protection of the organization, Found Animals Adopt & Shop, Herschel attracted the attention of Rocky Kanaka, an American actor and TV presenter who had learned about this dog's life story.

Therefore, this famous TV host personality, for his "Dog's Day Out" television series, decided to give Herschel a gift that the dog will not easily forget.


A day out in the open air! And this was exactly what Herschel needed most, after five long years spent in the conditions that we described above.

This was a dream that turned into reality because the TV host not only took Herschel to see snow for the first time, but he also allowed him to get acquainted with the ocean.

The video and images showing the dog's reactions are very clear. And it is hard to imagine greater happiness on his part.

When he first sees the ocean, this wonderful German shepherd cannot hold back his joy, jumping and running from side to side and playing with the water, intrigued by the ocean waves.

After being saved from his sad everyday life, Herschel has finally found a family that can love and protect him as he deserves.

A beautiful story, which bodes well for a better future for all those animals that are forced to live in unnatural and undignified conditions.

Below is the link to the video showing Herschel and his first encounter with the sea:

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