The school bus driver holds the hand of this little boy who is crying on his first day of school -
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The school bus driver holds the hand…
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The school bus driver holds the hand of this little boy who is crying on his first day of school


The very first day of school can be initially a traumatic event for a four-year-old child and mothers and fathers know this very well.

How many times have we seen our youngest children cry because they just did not want to get on the school bus to start a new and very important phase of their life?

In these cases, a simple gesture of affection can make all the difference. As, for example, what the school bus driver Isabel Lane did in the state of Wisconsin.

via: CNN

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Pubblicato da Augusta WI Police Department su Giovedì 5 settembre 2019

Little four-year-old Axel Johnson was about to face his first day of school in Augusta, Wisconsin and since he was especially agitated and afraid of the big chance that he would soon be facing, his mother Amy had accompanied him inside the school bus to comfort him and tell him that everything would be fine.

It was at that moment, just as Amy was about to get off the bus, with Axel still in tears, that the school bus driver Isabel Lane saw the scene and squeezed the little boy's hand hard, trying to console him and make him understand that everything would work out fine and that in one way or another, he would make it.

The tender image of the two of them holding hands was captured by Amy, who was very moved by the driver's gesture and shared the photo on the official Augusta police department Facebook profile, which applauded Isabel's solidarity action and made the photo has now been seen far and wide on the Internet.

Kudos to you, Isabel!


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