Never forget the hands that raised you because they are the same ones that will always support you -
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Never forget the hands that raised you…
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Never forget the hands that raised you because they are the same ones that will always support you

October 25, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

When you become a mother, you start to concretely understand everything that your mother has done and, probably is still doing, for you and your family.

Being a mother changes you forever and also changes the perspective with which you look at the world. Your eyes are opened and you can clearly see the importance and greatness of those who raised you with love and sacrifice.

A mother's hands are never forgotten because, in one way or the other, those loving hands still support you today.

image: Pixabay

As a young child, the hands of a mother are the first we grasp and hold to when facing our first fears and difficulties.

They are also the hands of the "no", and of the school lunches to be prepared, of the "Do not get dirty" and of "One day when you are a mother you will understand".

And now we can finally understand the why of so many things, of the many small and big gestures that day after day, guided and accompanied us while we were growing up.

Now we realize how many difficulties and sacrifices were hidden behind those choices that so annoyed us, now we see that even the smallest gesture like reminding us to brush our teeth was a gesture of daily and constant love.

A mother is a child's first hero because, to become a mother she may have had to leave her job or had to look for two jobs because she was left alone, in any case, she never stops.

Moreover, she never ceases to be a mother even when her children grow up and have children of their own and become a mother or father because mothers continue to be there with those same hands full of love and things to do and give.

And when they become grandmothers, they are also always there for their grandchildren and continue to always think of others first.

image: Pixabay

These mothers are truly unique: They always have their arms open and their hands ready to welcome us all.

They have a thousand solutions and they can stimulate you and console you even in the face of seemingly insurmountable difficulties because they have never given up and will never give up.

The hands of a mother are never forgotten and their warmth is kept forever treasured in the heart, and when you become a mother, you will hope that you too, can be for your own children what those hands still represent for you.

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