This teacher buys food for one of her students who is in difficulty -
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This teacher buys food for one of her…
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This teacher buys food for one of her students who is in difficulty


School should not only impart knowledge but also be a kind of extension of the family unit for a child.

Every individual child has his or her personal story, needs, and problems that the school staff should learn and know about and intervene when something is going wrong.

Sometimes, it is a question of conflicting relationships between parents and for others, it can be situations of neglect or poverty. The story we are about to tell you shows how a good teacher can really make a difference.

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At the Jacksboro Elementary School in Campbell County, Tennessee, teacher Brooke Goins found herself facing a problem that went beyond her "normal" teaching skills.

The issue had nothing to do with the educational program, but it was far more important. One of the children in her class one day timidly asked her when would there be the next free food distribution since at home their food supplies were almost finished.

Today I cried at work. Not because I hate my job, or that it is just too hard (it really is). Today I cried for a child,...

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The child told her in his own way that when the school gives him food he is happy because he can eat something warm and can sleep better.

Listening to these moving words from the child, Brooke could not help but ask him to show her everything he liked in a picture of a food basket, and then she went to a store to buy the items out of her own pocket.

Later she organized a collection among the other teachers at the school in order to give the child's family more consistent help.

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Later Brook, posted the story on social media trying to raise awareness among other people to collect as much as possible.

Of course, numerous people have responded to the woman's heartfelt appeal but the school has also organized ways to involve the proper agencies and of course, the parents themselves, to make sure that this child and others like him can get the food and help they need.

Brooke's personal initiative does not stop here and her commitment is to continue throughout the school year. She still wants to demonstrate that people have the power to change things because no child should ever go hungry.


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