After this dog's best furry friend passed away, he still sleeps on the kennel pillow leaving room for his friend -
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After this dog's best furry friend passed…
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After this dog's best furry friend passed away, he still sleeps on the kennel pillow leaving room for his friend


When we say that our pets are in all respects members of our family, that are able to experience and share sensations and feelings just like us, it is not an exaggeration.

Anyone who has or has had the good fortune to have a four-legged friend at their side knows this very well.

In fact, the empathy that is generated between human beings and these little creatures, as well as among themselves, really tells us a lot about how beautiful and uplifting it is to share our daily lives with them.

The feelings that dogs and cats can express and transmit are often worth a thousand words.

The images we are about to show you perfectly demonstrate this and they tell us a truly moving story about two little dogs that will forever be inseparable.

via: Mirror

Harry and George, 9 and 15 years old, respectively, were furry friends and companions. And 19-year-old Brit Caitlin Wynne was lucky enough to have had these two four-legged friends as pets in her home for a long time.

We wrote that the two "were" companions because, unfortunately, George, at the age of 15, became seriously ill with kidney failure, and his family was forced to euthanize him.

Needless to say, the loss was a blow that Harry could not easily understand. The two dogs, in fact, had grown up together: they had played, eaten, and obviously always slept side by side.

So, when George passed away, it was difficult for Harry to spend his days as if nothing had happened, just like a human being when they lose a loved one.

After the first sleepless night, spent crying and walking back and forth around the house, for two weeks the little dog practically refused to eat and socialize, and he was sad with his tail always hanging down.

Now, more than a year after George passed away, Harry's mood has definitely improved, however, the lack of his brotherly friend is still felt, alive and present.

So much so that the little dog sleeps on the floor next to the kennel pillow where he slept with George, leaving the place of his friend empty, in the hopes that maybe one day he will come back.

Harry rests his head just where he put it before when he lay happily beside his fellow furry friend. For him, it seems that nothing has changed, and perhaps it is precisely the hope of being able to see and play with his best friend again that pushes him to continue to move forward.

Caitlin, watching this scene every day, decided that she wanted to share her feelings and thoughts with the Internet and her post stimulated thousands of comments and excited reactions from users.

And it is not difficult to understand why. There is no need for words, speeches, or who knows what deep reflections; dogs simply know how to express their feelings in a way that sometimes leaves us absolutely speechless.

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