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A man parks his car in a reserved area…
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A man parks his car in a reserved area of ​​the supermarket and the employees block it with a barrier of shopping carts


When it comes to shopping centers and supermarkets as related to parking space, people are often influenced by a general hysteria that leads them to act recklessly and disrespectfully.

Consequently, we may happen to find ourselves fighting for the last parking space or for the shortest line at the checkout, and every strategic move seems to suddenly become permissible, as in a fight-to-win scenario!

There are people, in fact, who think they can do anything they want and do not have too many scruples when it comes to reaching their objective.

In particular, there are those who decide to park where they should not, without reflecting on the possible consequences that such a disrespectful decision could create.

via: Fox News

Case in point is an Argentine lawyer named Arnold Angelini who witnessed an incredible scene in the parking lot of the Coto Temperley shopping center in Buenos Aires.

And Angelini rightly decided to photograph the incident and then share it on his Facebook wall.

Apparently, a supermarket customer decided to park his car in the area reserved for the storage of the shopping carts, creating a great inconvenience to all those who needed to get or leave a shopping cart.

The response of the employees was not long in coming and within a very short time, the man's car was completely surrounded by rows of shopping carts that prevented him from moving his car out of the area!

Angelini, in his Facebook post, commented: "The truth is that you have to be not very smart to park in the area reserved for shopping carts! You can't be so idiotic as to leave your car where you want. It is clear that there is no respect anymore. A round of applause for the employees who blocked his car."


When all is said and done - a little more respect for and from everyone would be enough to make a positive contribution - and perhaps the world could really become a better place to live.

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