This sweet little dog refuses to leave his terminally-ill owner alone in the hospital -
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This sweet little dog refuses to leave…
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This sweet little dog refuses to leave his terminally-ill owner alone in the hospital


The story that we are about to tell you, once again, focuses on a beautiful story of friendship!

A friendship that blossomed between a very sweet and faithful dog named Benny and his unfortunate owner named Scott Ballenger.

What happened between them is the testimony of how sincere love and affection can go beyond any boundaries, including species.

Furthermore, this story illustrates, most of all, the unconditional loyalty that only our four-legged friends can give us.

via: The Dodo

Having survived Hurricane Harvey, that had previously hit the city of Washington D.C., a male dog named Benny had been adopted by the Ballenger family, although after his ordeal, Benny was still reluctant to open up to humans.

Nevertheless, Benny was able to establish a strong bond with Scott and they quickly became absolutely inseparable.

But when Scott suddenly became ill, Benny also became anxious and upset, so much so that the family took the dog along with them to the hospital to visit his beloved owner.

Only the instinct and the sixth sense of a dog could understand that Scott, unfortunately, had very little time left to live, and apparently Benny had understood this very quickly.


Understanding that he would not have much more time to spend with his gentle and loving human friend, Benny spent the last day beside Scott, huddled at his bedside in the hospital, with his eyes full of tears, resigned to saying his last goodbye.

Consequently, Benny, after the losing Scott, went through a state of severe depression. Naturally, the Ballenger family was very concerned and helped the dog through the recovery phases of griefing by giving Benny lots of love and care and tons of warmth and affection.

Therefore, although Scott is gone, Benny will never be alone. And maybe that's what really matters

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