These 15 photos show our feline friends in the most unthinkable positions -
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These 15 photos show our feline friends…
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These 15 photos show our feline friends in the most unthinkable positions


Let's not beat around the bush, just like pet dogs, are known for their intelligence and affectionate nature, cats also possess these characteristics.

In addition, our feline friends posesess an elegance and an attitude regarding the world that surrounds them and also their owners that makes them very enviable, indeed!

What many cat owners can also tell you is that these very nice and unique animals, are only apparently indifferent and haughty. Actually, they can be quite affectionate and also unintentionally very funny in the most incredible situations. You don't believe it?

Here is an image gallery that will make you change your mind!

Some cats fall asleep anywhere they want ...

And with the word "anywhere" ... we really mean - anywhere!


And often they don't even let you sleep in peace ...

... Not even when you sit on the sofa to relax and watch something on TV!

They are capable of assuming the most absurd positions you can imagine ...


And when they are sleeping they don't care about anything else!

They can, however, be really pretentious sometimes ...


But sometimes they can really make our hearts melt!

They also know how to appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds them ...


Only they know how to find the most unthinkable places to take a nap!

They will also invade and take over your spaces.

... And they never let any of their favorite prisoners go free!

They love warm and snuggly places ...

... and can also be heat generators when needed!

No doubt about it; our cats are truly unique!

These feline friends are simply irresistible ... what else can we say?!

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