Their dog has a terminal illness and the family gives him the best weekend of his life -
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Their dog has a terminal illness and…
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Their dog has a terminal illness and the family gives him the best weekend of his life


Deciding to adopt a dog is an important decision, which cannot be made on the basis of a simple whim or a momentary desire.

A dog is another living being and for this reason, we have to take our responsibilities seriously.

In fact, to properly take care of a dog, you must love it and take care of both its physical and emotional needs, for its entire life, just as if it were another member of the family.

Indeed, as if it actually is ... a full member of the family! A shining example of this sort of relationship is Firefighter Stephen Rampersad and his family, who truly loved their dog, Wilson, a 14-year-old German Short-haired Pointer.

via: Metro

Unfortunately, the average life span of a dog is decidedly shorter than that of humans and, for this reason, Stephen's family had to suffer the pain of losing their dog.

Recently, Wilson had been diagnosed with inoperable bladder and stomach cancer. Therefore, there was not much left that anyone could for him.

The whole family, however, after receiving this devastating news, immediately decided not to give in to sadness and despair. Instead, they wanted to give their faithful and loving four-legged friend the most beautiful last days that Wilson could ever have imagined!

Thus, Stephen Rampersad, his wife Christen and their children, Noah and Jonah, spent an entire weekend together with their beloved Wilson.

First, they gave him a painkiller, then they took him out on a boat and allowed him to splash around freely in the water for the last time. The dog also enjoyed riding in the car and going shopping with the family. 

Then, on Monday morning, Stephen took Wilson to work, to the fire station, letting him spend a morning as an honorary firefighter! At lunch, he enjoyed a fantastic hamburger with fries and bacon.
Stephen was Wilson's friend and owner even before he started his love relationship with Christen and taking Wilson to the veterinarian clinic to die was without a doubt one of the most difficult experiences in his life. In fact, poor Wilson passed away in peace, in Stephen's arms.

Wherever he is, surely Wilson has now found peace and he left this world with the satisfaction of having spent the last moments of his life surrounded by his favorite people. His family also has a beautiful memory of Wilson to treasure forever.

It is indeed very sad that the average life span of a dog is shorter than that of humans. However, it is also unquestionable that during the years in which they accompany us in life, they give us many of our best experiences and so much loyalty and unconditional love.

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