After 10 sons, this mother has finally given birth to a baby girl and now the family is complete -
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After 10 sons, this mother has finally…
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After 10 sons, this mother has finally given birth to a baby girl and now the family is complete


Everyone decides to build and conduct their own lives as they see fit.

There are those who stick to a precise plan and try not to stray too far from it, and those who just let themselves be carried away by events.

In any case, everyone - without exception - manages to find joy and beauty in things that life unexpectedly presents us.

When speaking of "joys", this British family has truly experienced a lot of them! To be specific: ten sons and one daughter, the latest addition to the family!

Therefore, surely this couple knows very well the meaning of "the joys of parenthood".

via: The Sun

Alexis Brett after giving birth to her last child that was also a boy, named Rothagaidh, had a very sweet surprise - the arrival of a baby girl!

Alexis is the first mother in Great Britain to hold a similar record. For the last 18 years of her life, Alexis has been pregnant for 8 years and now, at the age of 39, she finally got her long-desired baby girl!

Both parents claim that this time is really the last time.

The newcomer is called Cameron and, according to her parents, she has pleasantly upset the usual family dynamics.
In fact, now all her brothers, from the oldest (17 years) to the youngest (2 years) pay a lot more attention to their behavior when they are at home - they do not want to wake up their little baby sister and, in general, they are much less rambunctious!
Everyone is very excited about it, although this last pregnancy was not actually planned. "From now on, that's enough, no more children. I also said that last time, but this time I really mean it. I love my family like it is now. I think it's complete like this."
Many people believed that the family receives subsidies to pay the maintenance costs of all their children but, in reality, this is not the case. "My husband David has a good job, which means we are not entitled to benefits."
David is a train engineer (BrE "train driver") and she, with her 11 children, is a full-time mom. She vacuums seven times a day and her washing machine does 49 loads of washing per week. Nevertheless, Alexis wants to resume her part-time job as a fitness instructor.

Obviously, not everything is peaches and cream in the life of this numerous family, but the joy that their children bring every day manages to make all the difficulties disappear.

Best wishes to this wonderful family!

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