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His home is auctioned after he lost…
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His home is auctioned after he lost his job, but his fellow citizens buy it back


When one arrives at a certain age, it becomes increasingly difficult to rethink oneself and project oneself towards new experiences and activities, especially from the point of view of work or employment.

The situation, for many people who lose their jobs after the age of 50 - and for their families - can, in fact, become really hard to sustain, so much so that they can find themselves in conditions of great difficulty.

This is what, unfortunately, happened to a 56-year-old worker living in Tula, a small town of 1500 inhabitants in the province of Sassari, in northern Sardinia.

But now, this man's despair and anxiety have given way to a bit of serenity, thanks to the beautiful gesture of his fellow citizens. Let's find out what happened.

Tomasino is the name of the 56-year-old man in question, who has experienced exactly what many of his peers fear, namely, losing their job and, consequently, no longer being able to pay the mortgage payments and maintain their family.

Having verified the impossibility to meet the monthly payments for his apartment, the bank, in fact, decided to place the property under seizure and then put it up for auction for 27,000 EUR (29,600 USD).

Consequently, the man came to find himself in a really complicated situation, also because he did not live alone in the apartment but with a wife and two children.

He, therefore, decided to contact the social services in the Municipality of Tula, to present his situation and ask for help. As often happens in the realities of small towns, news circulates fast and everyone knows everything about everybody very quickly.

So, once the inhabitants of the Sardinian town came to know what was happening to Tomasino, they decided to set up a real solidarity contest, to do something to help him themselves!

image: Pxhere

With immense altruism, his fellow citizens, associations, committees, and parishes united in a large fundraiser, which produced excellent results.

Thanks to the contributions obtained, as well as to charitable lotteries set up for this purpose, the people of Tula came up with the money necessary to repurchase the worker's apartment at the auction and, therefore, return it to him. 

The collective commitment was enormous, as was the great sensibility raised by Tomasiono's personal story. Fortunately, in times when solidarity and kindness are concepts that can seem too often forgotten or set aside, it is nice to know that there are actually still lots of people who can unite for the good of those less fortunate.


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