This priest saves dogs from the street and takes them with him to Mass to find them an adoptive family -
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This priest saves dogs from the street…
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This priest saves dogs from the street and takes them with him to Mass to find them an adoptive family


Dogs also go to church. It would seem like the beginning of a funny joke! But no, instead, it is the truth!

In fact, now in a small town in Brazil, all those four-legged angels who have not yet found refuge in an animal shelter or a new home are now being lovingly allowed to attend mass by a parish priest with a very big heart.

The priest in question is named Juan Pablo and is responsible for the Santana parish in the town of Gravatà, in Brazil.

Until now, Juan Pablo has saved dozens of dogs from the street and accommodated them in his house away from the dangers of the streets.

In addition, when the time for mass in church arrives, the parish priest with the heart of gold takes the animals with him to the sacred place, taking advantage of a large number of church members that are usually present.

Evidently, the priest wants to use this opportunity to perhaps find a new family for these poor stray dogs or to spread the word to those who might be interested in giving warmth and affection to his four-legged friends.

Juan Pablo's gesture of Christian solidarity has made the rounds on the social media networks, thanks to some funny and entertaining photos that were immediately leaked and posted on the Internet.

This priest is a wonderful and sincere model of Christian beliefs and compassionate action who deserves nothing but solidarity and applause for saving the lives of these animals that are also in need of care and protection.

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