The story of Lass, a labrador who has learned how to bring his owner who has Alzheimer's safely back home! -
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The story of Lass, a labrador who has…
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The story of Lass, a labrador who has learned how to bring his owner who has Alzheimer's safely back home!

August 31, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Pets, and especially dogs, can be excellent life companions as they can be present in every situation with an incredible ability to improve moments or entire days even with a simple glance.

This is not an exaggeration. In fact, the "therapeutic" effects of dogs on humans have been amply proven, as well as their ability to understand the moods and difficulties of the humans by their side.

Consequently, these dogs are able - often with surprising results - to offer aid and assistance.

The story we are about to tell you speaks about this phenomenal relationship.

The protagonist is a beautiful black male labrador, who carries out a very important and vital task for his owner and friend.

via: ABC
image: Facebook

His name is Lass, he is about 7 years old and, although he is not an officially recognized dog for the assistance of people with disabilities, he has learned to do this "job" with extreme precision for his owner,  Mariano.

In fact, unfortunately, Mariano has been experiencing the effects of Alzheimer's for some time, and the course of his pathology inevitably has worsened over time.

His four-legged friend, Lass has been by his side since the initial stages of the disease and, although the problems were not yet too evident in Mariano, the labrador immediately understood that he could do something to help him.

A short basic training course was enough to make the dog understand what he could do. Furthermore, during their walks together, Mariano had begun to lose his orientation more and more frequently, and often could not find his way back home.

However, with the help of his faithful four-legged friend Lass, the man was always able to find the right path back home, avoiding getting lost and being in danger.

image: Facebook

Yes, that's right! The dog has literally learned how to bring Mariano back home, alone and without anyone having to teach him.

This is a task that is by no means simple if we consider that the streets in the area in which the two live, are very similar and do not facilitate orientation.

Nevertheless, whenever Mariano took the wrong street or tried to enter a house other than his own, Lass promptly stopped and prevented him and put him back on the right path to his owner's house.

This is what the man's son, Carlos, has always observed so that now he feels confident that he can leave his father in the company of this fantastic dog.

image: Facebook

Unfortunately, today, the two go out on their own much less frequently, due to the worsening of Mariano's health.

However, Lass continues to stay close to him, and for Mariano, this is an incredible "therapy" against depression. Because Lass, for Mariano, is much more than a simple companion dog.

The emotional support that Lass gives his owner is immense and will remain so forever. He is a wonderful dog that has also won an award from the veterinarians of Madrid for making Mariano's life safer.

Each of us should have a friend like him by our side!

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