The story of Bella, the squirrel who for 8 years has come back to the house where the woman who saved her life lives ... -
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The story of Bella, the squirrel who…
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The story of Bella, the squirrel who for 8 years has come back to the house where the woman who saved her life lives ...

August 27, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

When we speak of domestic animals or in general of animal species capable of establishing a deep and lasting bond with human beings, the first, if not the only ones that come to mind are obviously cats and dogs.

The story we are going to tell you instead tells us about the extraordinary emotional connection that has been created between a female squirrel with the woman who saved its life.

Here is how this incredible story began ...

Eight years ago, Bella, this is the name of the female squirrel that is the protagonist of this story, was found in the woods, seriously injured following an attack by an owl. Her condition had immediately appeared to be critical and the little squirrel almost certainly would not have survived alone.

Fortunately, a group of Be Willie Kind operators, who are activists in the field of animal protection, came to the rescue. Bella's care was entrusted to one of their members, Brantley Harrison, who was also in charge of taking care of three other little squirrels: Moe, Curylum, and Larry.

The friendly and cute little quartet spent 6 months together with the Harrison family, the time necessary to guarantee their complete recovery. At the end of their medical treatment, the squirrels were ready to be set free, all except one.

In fact, Bella did not seem to have any intention of abandoning her new adoptive family, so much so that, despite having been returned to the forest and set free, she had adopted the habit of returning every day to visit her friend, Brantley.

From the images posted on social media networks, you can see how Bella behaves affectionately with her human companion, giving and receiving cuddles, and gradually becoming a regular and welcomed guest of the house. It may happen that she goes missing for several days or even weeks, but in the end, she always comes back to visit the Harrisons.

Their friendship has lasted for eight years now, and once during this time, something even more extraordinary happened. One day, Bella showed up at the door of the house with a wounded paw, Brantley immediately took care of her, and after examining her, she realized with surprise that Bella was carrying three babies.

Bella recovered completely and gave birth to her little baby squirrels in the Harrison house. Now, the family has expanded, and in addition to the already beloved Bella, there will surely be three other daily presences for which to happily throw open the door or maybe the window.


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