The story of Bokshil, a blind dog that for 10 years has been waiting in the same place for his owners to return... -
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The story of Bokshil, a blind dog that…
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The story of Bokshil, a blind dog that for 10 years has been waiting in the same place for his owners to return...


There are many stories that celebrate the loyalty and unconditional love of dogs and some of them have been made famous in literature or films.

The most famous case is certainly that of Hachiko, a male Akita dog who for 10 years waited at the Shibuya station in Japan for his dead owner to come back for him.

This wonderful and true story has been portrayed in the film: "Hachiko: A Dog's Tale"(2008).

In any case, for the same number of years, another loyal and tireless four-legged friend has also been waiting for his family, except that this time, it seems to be a heartless case of abandonment.

The little male dog that is the protagonist of our story is called Bokshil, and every day he sits in the same spot hoping to once again embrace his owners.

However, unbeknownst to Bokshil, his owners moved from their house about a decade ago, and it is not known why they left their dog behind.

Since then Bokshil has remained there, and he is still waiting for his family to return - without doubting for a moment that sooner or later someone will come to take him back home.

In all this time, the faithful dog has managed to survive thanks to the goodness and generosity of the local people, who have never let him lack for food, water, and also shelter when needed.

The story has become public knowledge and has stirred the emotions of many people, touched by the unwavering patience and loyalty of this extraordinary creature. Among the people who take care of him every day, someone also takes him to a veterinarian for a checkup.

Consequently, it was discovered that, unfortunately, it seems that Bokshil's health conditions are gradually worsening and he is inexorably losing his sight.

Every day, he continues to wait; he approaches the people who caress him, still looking for and hoping to recognize his old owners in those hands and in those faces.

Many people have offered to adopt him, but on the advice of the veterinarian, they have preferred to leave the dog where he is, because at his age, and after all that he has gone through, any change would mean another trauma.

Although Bokshil lives on the street, at this point, it has become his home, his comfort zone, and it is probably where he will end his days.

The story has been taken up by both the media and social media networks, in the hope that Bokshil's owners will see it and realize how much suffering they have caused to a faithful, loyal, and loving creature who is still waiting for them after all!

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