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He dumps a brand new car into the river…
Better to be single than to be with someone who makes us unhappy A father goes through several red lights and his 5-year-old son calls the police and says:

He dumps a brand new car into the river for revenge because his parents had not given him a Jaguar!


At times receiving attention and gifts from parents, relatives and close friends can seem to us the most beautiful thing in the world.

Very often though, and perhaps, we cannot see it, but by doing this, we risk spoiling our children!

Children who receive everything they want, are never happy, constantly looking for new stimuli, have no permanent values, ​​and are always emotionally unpredictable and unstable.

The true story we are about to share with you illustrates the incredible consequences of spoiling a child!

via: Daily Mail

The absurd incident happened to a young man from Haryana, in India, who received a brand new white BMW for his birthday.

However, since the birthday boy was disappointed, even if the car was an expensive gift (with a hefty price tag of about $50,000 USD [45,000 EUR]), he decided to teach his parents a lesson ...

Therefore, overcome by rage at not having received instead, a Jaguar, the young man dumped the brand new BMW into the river and used his smartphone video camera to immortalize his defiant gesture with a video, which he sent immediately to his parents.

A gesture that obviously caught the attention of the passers-by, who immediately did their best to call for the necessary assistance to attempt to bring the very expensive white BMW back to the riverbank.                     

But the rejected BMW was already filling up with water and it would appear that the birthday boy, too late, regretted his foolish gesture.

An incredible story that does nothing but remind us that our children are not entitled to have everything they desire! And that owning less means having more values ​​and encourages more care and respect for people, rather than for material objects.


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