The power of our hands and what benefits are obtained by adopting various positions -
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The power of our hands and what benefits…
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The power of our hands and what benefits are obtained by adopting various positions


Our hands are a very important part of our body - it is thanks to our hands that we can create and realize concretely many of our ideas.

As if that were not enough, our hands and fingers give us additional means of communication besides the oral one. Gestures and body language are, in fact, an integral part of communication.

What perhaps resonates as a novelty to some people is that numerous veins, nerves and, more generally, energy points in the body flow into our hands.

Thanks to precise positions and a calibrated pressure on each of these energy points, it is possible to reach a state of well-being that you could never have imagined. Here are the specific positions:


Take hold of the thumb with the opposite hand, as shown in the image, and hold it for five minutes. Any discomfort due to anxiety or headaches will start to ease and disappear.



Grasping the index finger, in this way, for five minutes helps to alleviate negative feelings such as fear, shame, and frustration.


Middle finger

By grasping the middle finger, as usual for five minutes, you will be able to better control your anger.

Ring finger

Massage the ring finger lightly and breathe deeply! By doing this, you will remove sadness and negative feelings.

Little finger

Massaging the little finger with circular movements helps to remove stress and anxiety.


Surya Mudra position

By putting your hand and fingers in this position, after a few minutes, you should feel an increase in your body temperature. This position, borrowed from yoga, will help your digestion.


By massaging the palm of your hand with the fingers of the opposite hand, this will bring a sense of general relaxation that will also help you in case of constipation, if it is of nervous origin.


Joining the palms of your hands

Join the palms of your hands and focus your gaze on your fingertips. This position will help you if you have difficulty concentrating. When you practice this position, remember to keep your back straight and gradually increase the pressure between your hands.

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