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Better to be single than to be with…
When the love of your life is also your best friend, you will have met the perfect soul mate He dumps a brand new car into the river for revenge because his parents had not given him a Jaguar!

Better to be single than to be with someone who makes us unhappy

August 18, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Being able to find the "right" person, with whom to share the joys and difficulties of life, is certainly not easy, but if we think about how many individuals live on this planet, one wonders how this is not possible.

The United Nations (UN) estimates show that there are about 3.65 billion women in the world, while men are slightly higher in number - is it possible that among all these people one cannot find a soul mate?

Unfortunately, this is the case. It is not simple, also because, nowadays, many people are hiding behind selfies and posts on social media networks, without really cultivating relationships.

Therefore, it has become increasingly difficult to share one's true feelings and desires and, often, one feels alone. Being alone, however, is not a totally negative condition.

In fact, the art of being alone requires a great deal of maturity and inner balance, which are very important qualities for living better with oneself and with others.

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"Better to be alone than in bad company" is a saying that rings true on so many occasions in life and that, at times, we should really keep in mind.

Today's society is constantly hammering at us, ever since we were children, to make us believe that in life you always need someone beside you, a wife, a husband, or children - and that being alone is not conceivable and it is even frowned upon.

As if learning to be alone with oneself, living well and being happy and healthy - is not an important personal goal.

All this does not mean that we must avoid a priori relationships so that we can learn about solitude, but just that we can also find peace, tranquility, and motivation while living alone.

Being single does not mean not having friendships, but it can be an important phase in life, in which a person has time to reflect and evaluate a possible partner well.

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This view of the world is not always socially accepted, but it is only pure and simple hypocrisy! Why be forced to stay with someone who does not make us happy?

Why do we have to spend day after day with someone who is not worth it?

To live well, it is not always necessary for someone else to complete us. Living alone, even if it is only a momentary phase of life, is often an excellent opportunity to reflect on our real needs.

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