Sisters are much more than the best of friends! They are a single soul in two bodies! -
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Sisters are much more than the best…
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Sisters are much more than the best of friends! They are a single soul in two bodies!

September 07, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The relationship between sisters is not always idyllic.

In fact, the relationship can begin with constant rivalry, and not develop until later into that magnificent form of mutual affection and respect called sister love.

This is a sentiment that only those sisters who have memories and experiences in common, from the time they can first recall their memories, are able to boast of possessing.

Furthermore, when this love follows its natural course, it becomes a precious resource, a feeling that goes beyond the best friendships in this world. It is something so much more - it is as if two different bodies share the same soul.

Few friends can say they are as close-knit as two sisters, who are endowed with incredible understanding and sensitivity and are able to perceive each other's state of mind, pain, joy, thoughts, and concerns.
It is not anything supernatural or that famous symbiosis that is normally attributed to "twins", but simply a deep empathy, acquired and developed during childhood, adolescence, and as adults.
Two sisters protect each other, they know each other's weaknesses and strengths, they know how to be a source of inspirational motivation, but also the most severe and ruthless critics, all done only for a good purpose.
Sisters know how to say the right things at the right time, even if it is not always pleasant to hear certain words! They are and always will be an extension of their family that never allows each other to feel alone, especially when their parents are gone.

The relationship between sisters is a special one, unique in its kind, not without clashes, but they almost always end with a smile and a happy hug. 

It is not easy to describe in words the feeling of security and protection one has with the knowledge that somewhere out there is the other half of one's soul, ready to give comfort and support, no matter the situation or the circumstances.

Having and being a sister is both a gift and a responsibility, but in any case, it is an extraordinary experience, which is not comparable to anything!

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