This 92-year-old pediatrician visits needy children for free, treating them as if they were his grandchildren! -
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This 92-year-old pediatrician visits…
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This 92-year-old pediatrician visits needy children for free, treating them as if they were his grandchildren!

August 08, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

In most jobs, when the day ends, the store is closed or the time card is punched, and that concludes the working day, at least until the following morning.

However, there are jobs such as those in the medical profession, in which the working hours never end, and one does not stop doing one's chosen work even after retirement.

In fact, being a doctor is a mission, a lifestyle choice, as shown by Ivan Fontoura, a 92-year-old pediatrician from Pontal do Paraná in Brazil.

It has been about 15 years since Dr. Fontoura officially retired, but despite this, he continues to work and visit needy children in the local neighborhood, without ever taking a penny.

The doctor normally carries out his visits, gives advice, and indicates therapies to follow, at zero cost for his patients.

Dr. Fontoura's academic credentials are very impressive.  In fact, the pediatrician graduated at the age of 24 from the Federal University of Paraná, received a master's degree from the University of California and then a doctorate from the Sorbonne in France.

image: Facebook

This man has dedicated his entire life to taking care of children, for a total of 68 years lived with self-sacrifice and intense commitment to his mission.

Dr. Fontoura retired in 2005, but since then he has continued his work privately, giving many local children the opportunity to be treated without their parents incurring any expenses.

Unfortunately, the town where Dr. Fontoura resides is one of the most problematic in Brazil, and there are many families who live in poverty, without the means to consult private doctors.


To support, help, and support Fontoura in his crusade in favor of the neediest children is his wife Eva, who also works in the healthcare sector as a nurse. The two met in their youth and have been together ever since.

Eva offers constant and indispensable support for the doctor's mission that he still endeavors to carry out, despite his age.

Several times interviewed for his tireless charity work, Fontoura has declared that he intends to continue working as long as his strength allows him, knowing that there are still so many poverty-stricken children who need him.


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