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"A good wife does not contradict her…
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"A good wife does not contradict her husband". These photos show us how the roles of both women and men have changed over the years.

August 28, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Anthropology studies human beings in various ways, including that of cultural evolution and their behavior within society.

However, to do that we do not need to study a primitive tribe, actually, it is sufficient to take a look back into our own past, a little more than a half a century ago, to encounter historical documents that today seem almost unbelievable.

In this regard, a sort of vademecum (handbook) entitled "The Good Wife's Guide" for wives, mothers, and housewives of the time has become quite famous.

This was later revealed to be a hoax published in an article by the Housekeeping Monthly magazine, on 13 May 1955,  to help women conform to what society expected of them in the middle of the last century.

Even if some people question the authenticity of the handbook guide, its content (and the images that we propose to you) give us an idea of ​​how much times have changed for the better for both men and women.


 "It would be a good idea to plan dinner well in advance, even from the night before, so as to welcome the husband worthily, to make him understand that you think about him and care about his well-being.

On returning from work, a man is tired and hungry, so there is no better way to make him feel loved and pampered than with a good meal, maybe even his favorite dish."


image: Pinterest

"Before your husband returns home, it is good to take some time to freshen up and touch up your make up. At work, he has spent the whole day with people who are tired and now he deserves that his wife looks beautiful and neat and tidy."



"The husband may have had a difficult and tedious day, so the wife must present herself in a cheerful mood and be interested in him in order to put him back in good spirits. When the husband returns home he must find the house in perfect condition, therefore, so no messy disorder, toys scattered everywhere, litter, etc."


"In the colder months, it is good that the husband comes home to find a warm and comfortable environment to help him relax. Knowing that he is happy and satisfied will give gratification and satisfaction to his wife. At dinner time. the wife must also think about the children, changing their clothes, combing their hair, and cleaning them up if they have gotten dirty playing."


image: Pinterest

"It is better to dave the noisy cleaning for during the day, as well as noisy gaming activities. The husband must find a serene and relaxing home environment on his return from work.'



image: Pinterest

"When a man enters the house he must find a smiling wife, ready to please him and listen to him."


image: Pinterest

"Although there are household topics to discuss, it is better to give the husband time to catch his breath and speak first, because surely what he has to say is much more important."



 "A wife should never complain about her husband coming home late, or if he has spent an evening out without her because it is certainly due to important work commitments. Neither should the man be stressed or bothered with trivial questions."


image: Pinterest

"One of the wife's main tasks is to make sure that the home is her husband's kingdom, a place of peace and tranquility where he can find refuge and refreshment. No complaints but only understanding for her husband. When he is at home he must be made to feel like a king, welcome him with a cool or hot drink, put him at ease in his favorite chair and let him relax."



"To help the husband relax his nerves, the wife can help him take off his shoes, speaking to him in a sweet and reassuring voice. The husband should never be contradicted or have his authority or judgment questioned. He is the master of the house. The wife has neither reason nor right to ask questions or to dispute his decisions. A good wife always knows her place."

image: Pinterest

According to these behavioral guidelines, the wife should reduce herself to being an object, like a functional and efficient household appliance, a servant without personality, and with the sole duty of obeying and pleasing her husband without question.

Over time, however, things have changed for both men and women! Before women were able to out of the kitchen at most, and work outside the home, but today they have also arrived in outer space!

Certainly, reading historical information about social behavior from over half a century ago, makes us reflect on how the concept of what is the "norm" is really very relative and must always be understood in context.

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