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A man saves a beagle puppy from euthanasia…
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A man saves a beagle puppy from euthanasia ... and the dog thanks him with a display of sweet gratitude!


In the United States alone, some 3 million animals are euthanized each year in animal shelters due to serious illnesses or aggressive behavior as well as due to overpopulation.

A similar fate also seemed about to befall Gregory, a very sweet Beagle puppy that had been given shelter in a kennel in Franklin County in the state of Virginia.

This beagle puppy was destined to be euthanized because he had been diagnosed with a parasitic heart disease but luckily someone arrived in time to rescue him from certain death!

The hero's name is Joe Kirk, co-founder along with his wife Schenley Hutson, of the non-profit association Hound Rescue and Sanctuary, located in the city of Findlay in Ohio.

Their organization aims to help homeless dogs by giving them shelter and medical care, while the animals wait for the staff to find a family that wants to adopt them.

The main objective is to save those animals that are at risk of being euthanatized by offering them a second chance to live happily among people who love them. This time it was Gregory's turn, who was about two years old at the time.


The day that Joe rescued the puppy from the animal shelter, just two days before it was due to euthanatized, was immortalized and documented with photos that were posted on social media.

The puppy's reaction is truly extraordinary! Gregory is seen clinging to his new friend, with great affection and enormous gratitude, snuggling up to Joe and clearly demonstrating how happy he is to have been reprieved at almost the last moment!

The sequence of images depicting the two in the car as they leave the kennel and drive back home soon went viral! The countless people online who saw the images applauded Joe's gesture and celebrated the event as a victory for all.

After receiving the necessary medical attention, Gregory has completely recovered and has been adopted by wonderful people who treat him with all the love he deserves.

The animal shelter Hound Rescue and Sanctuary saves about 25-30 dogs at a time, with the highest frequency of success possible.


Joe and Schenley are dedicated to their work and above all love what they do because they have a deep respect for animals and for life in general.

Often in interviews, when they are asked how many dogs they have saved during the years of their activity, they limit their answer to just saying "one more".

They are not looking for recognition and sincerely do not want to be "glorified" as benefactors because what they do every day is the expression of a need that comes from the heart.

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