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Where do our beloved pets go when they…
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Where do our beloved pets go when they leave us? Here is the legend of the Rainbow Bridge ...

August 08, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

When a pet we are very fond of passes away to go on its long journey into the afterlife, we feel sadness and great despair, as if we have lost one of our closest loved ones.

Perhaps, after all, that is exactly what has happened. Especially in regards to cats and dogs, those dear four-legged friends who accompanied us for so many years and who shared our daily lives and offered us only love and so much affection in return.

This legend that we are about to tell you is dedicated to all those who are facing a difficult period after the passing of a faithful four-legged friend.

At the gates of Paradise, there is a wonderful place called the Rainbow Bridge. It is a place where the grass is always green, and the streams never cease to flow with fresh and cool water.

This bridge is crossed by the pets that have accompanied us in life. Here, our pets always have the food they prefer, water to quench their thirst, a bright sun that allows them to relax and be where they will always be warm and relaxed.

And yet, despite the splendid place in which they will find themselves for eternity, these animals feel the absence of that special someone who cared for them on Earth with so much love and warm affection.

image: Pxhere

It is therefore not rare to see once in a while a little dog that searches the horizon beyond the hill with tense ears, bright eyes, and paws ready to run towards someone!

Yes, your pet has recognized you and is running towards you, so you will be able to embrace it again, you will be able to caress its soft little head and look once again in its eyes, as you did when you were both on Earth.

Two souls and two hearts that beat in unison, and that now, once they have found each other again, they will continue to be together forever.

A beautiful story of hope for all those who have a faithful four-legged friend that is waiting for them on the other side of the rainbow!

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