The story of Scarlett, the mother cat who went through fire 5 times --- to save her little kittens! -
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The story of Scarlett, the mother cat…
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The story of Scarlett, the mother cat who went through fire 5 times --- to save her little kittens!

July 14, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Sometimes animals know how to surprise us with behaviors that to define as "human" would be very reductive.

In those situations, their way of expressing feelings, emotions, or performing unexpected and significant gestures seems to be dictated by thoughts that could only come from a human mind.

Yet it is not so, given that, with very good probabilities, the instincts that a dog or cat displays are exactly the same ones with which a human being can be guided, without too many differences.

In fact, the story we are about to tell you about, in this regard, is exemplary. A very touching story, featuring a cat named Scarlett, mother of six kittens, for whom she made a truly heroic gesture.

via: CBC

The little kittens were in an abandoned garage in Brooklyn, when a fire broke out. Quickly, everything was engulfed in flames. Once on the scene and after extinguishing the fire, the firemen noticed the kittens lying just outside the garage. But there was no sign of her mother. 

In the end, the cat was found not far away, in rather critical conditions. It soon became clear that she had tried with all her might to get her kittens away from the flames, pushing them out of the door, away from the flames. To do so, however, she seriously put herself at risk, reporting numerous burns on her head, legs, and paws --- and she could barely open her eyes.

Despite this, she managed to save five of her kittens: one of them, unfortunately, didn't make it. Taken to a veterinarian for the necessary care, Scarlett, who was about a year old, was put up for adoption with her five kittens. 

So, a woman named, Karon Wellen decided to take Scarlett into her home! Karen and her family lived with Scarlett for 12 beautiful years, before Scarlett passed away in 2008. During those years 12 years, the family gave Scarlett all the love and affection possible, fully realizing how special this cat really was.

A mother who puts her life at risk to save her children might seem normal, but this feline did something really incredible, with her heroic determination to save her kittens, at all cost!


Thrilling and moving stories like this, clearly demonstrate how important and unlimited the love of a mother is for her children --- whatever their species and regardless of the situations that arise.

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