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A real father is not who pays the bills,…
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A real father is not who pays the bills, but a man who puts his family above everything else


Many men can biologically create life and become fathers, but it takes someone special to be a "Father".

Some people think that the role of a father is "only" to bring as much money into the house as possible and buy gifts and expensive items for family members.

But the greatness of a father is not measured by the amount of money he earns, his value does not go hand in hand with the size of his wallet.

Being a "Father" means putting the family first and foremost despite everything.

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One does not live on air alone, this is for certain. There is no doubt that some men think that earning as much as possible is enough to make them perfect parents. A real father is not the one who earns enough money to send his children to study in elite schools or to buy them designer clothes. A real father is one who understands that the family comes first.

A real father finds a way to always be present for his children, and he is never too busy to ask them how they are or to do something with them. He does not hold back when there are problems and difficulties, on the contrary, he is the first to make his presence felt and to let them know that they can always count on him.

Even when he is tired he arranges time some to spend together with his family because he knows that time is precious and brings more long-lasting fruits than a thousand expensive gifts.

A true father sometimes finds himself making sacrifices and having to set aside some of his own desires to make way for the needs of his children.

image: Pixabay
He knows how to be a model for them to follow, an example of how women should be treated, an example of kindness, but also respect, honesty, and generosity.
A true father is the one who teaches his children how to build relationships based on trust and respect and never uses with them words such as stupid, incompetent, or other offensive words.
Indeed, he always encourages his children to do better, to be able to do more, he believes in them and helps them to build their self-esteem, not destroy it. He finds out what they like to do, what they think, their hobbies, and what is happening at school.
Because for a real father there is no greater love than that for his family! In fact, he puts his family as the most important thing in his life.
Because for him there is nothing more beautiful than the happiness of his children and he will never allow his problems or worries to interfere with the love he has for his children.
Having a father like that is a real fortune that is worth more than all the money you could ever have.
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