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When a married man cheats, he not only…
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When a married man cheats, he not only betrays his wife but also his children


Cheating, like it or not, is the other side of love and so many love relationships end because of cheating.

In an increasingly social media world, there are plenty of opportunities because there are so many temptations, and many failures to resist them, especially if you don't love someone enough.

When you cheat, it not only involves your spouse or partner but also your children.

Often we tend to hate the third person who has entered the scene, almost diminishing the responsibilities of our partner or spouse...

Yet there are those who are still willing to forgive.

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Those who betray are failing in a pact of love, a family pact and also betraying their children. But often all the blame is placed on the third person "no good", a home-wrecker" and many other nasty names dictated by anger.

But there are women who experience cheating and betrayal in a different way and they are able to forgive their spouse's or partner's "other woman" by relieving her of the blame and the responsibilities that are usually placed on her. 

In fact, the greatest blame lies with the one who has broken the wedding vow or pact, who promised eternal love and a happy family, who lied and pretended for so long while they maintained a double life.

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And then there is her, the other woman, the one who perhaps knew everything and still chose to become a part of a cheating relationship.

It would be easy to hate and insult her, as the people who care about you would like, but to hate her would mean living a life full of hate and little else. A life without serenity consisting of only torments, and thoughts such as "if she, but if he ..."

Surely that woman knows about your suffering because it is a suffering that you yourself have experienced in your life because you can see yourself again and her in you in so many situations even if you both did not know it, because both of you have fallen in love with the same man.

Both of you chose to forget the woman that he had at home while listening to his promises and his declarations of true love.

Now she is with him and maybe you should wish her all the best, that she has a friend like you by her side since she is entrusting herself to a man capable of so many lies. 

Because today, he has betrayed you, tomorrow it could be her turn, but she still does not realize this. In any case, nevertheless, you will continue to move forward, sustained by the love of your children.

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