After being evicted, this elderly couple were abandoned in a restaurant by their own son -
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After being evicted, this elderly couple…
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After being evicted, this elderly couple were abandoned in a restaurant by their own son

July 03, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Old age is not an easy time in life. Health problems, fatigue, loss of vitality, fears, and exasperated "mannerisms" can completely change the way a person is.

Precisely for this reason, unfortunately, often the elderly tend to become a problem or, in the worst cases, a "burden" for their closest relatives.

When then to the physiological age-related health problems are added loneliness or economic difficulties, then, grandparents, aunts, and uncles, or elderly parents, in some cases, end up finding themselves isolated and left to their fate. 

Obviously, this does not always happen! In fact, there are millions of children and relatives who, with love and spirit of sacrifice, take care of their elderly family members.

The story we are about to tell you, however, is sadly part of the first group of situations.

image: Facebook

In Rosario, Argentina, Hilda, 86, and her 92-year-old husband Hugo were evicted from their apartment because they could not pay the rent. One of their children, a son who lived with them, was the protagonist of a really vile gesture. After their eviction, the son took his parents to a restaurant for lunch, promising that he would soon do something to fix the critical situation.

During the meal, however, the young man saw fit to leave the restaurant, telling his parents he would come back later. Nothing to be alarmed about, except that their son literally vanished, leaving his father and mother alone. 

Despite the two spouses had finished eating for a while, there was no sign of their son, and the situation raised the suspicions of the restaurant manager.  In fact, the restaurant staff had asked the elderly couple several times if they intended to eat something else, but the two continued to say that they could not leave because their son would soon be back to get them.

The employees at the restaurant, after hearing this, became even more suspicious and asked the elderly couple if they had smartphones or their son's contact information. But, unfortunately, the two had no way of contacting anyone. After seven hours had passed since the couple had entered the restaurant, the staff decided to call the police

The police immediately began to look for relatives or acquaintances of the two elderly people, and eventually were able to find the couple's other son, who however said he was absolutely not aware of the situation, having had no contact with his brother, the architect of the shocking abandonment. 

The son's gesture was confirmed by a video recorded by the surveillance cameras of the restaurant, which clearly show Hilda and Hugo's son leaving the restaurant.


The story of this elderly Argentinian couple has quickly gone around the world and has touched many people. Interviewed, the two elderly people said that for them the important thing has always been to live together under the same roof, despite the problems and economic hardships that have not allowed them the possibility to buy a house and now not even to pay rent. 

Fortunately, their other son, after being informed about the whole situation, decided to take matters in hand and host his parents in his house. The two were then transferred to a reception facility for the elderly. 

This is a story of neglect and disrespect on the part of those who, despite all the difficulties, should be able to take care of the people who brought them into the world. Leaving two elderly people alone without a home, in a public place, without contact information or smartphones is a vile gesture for which there are no excuses.

The story of Hilda and Hugo, made known by social media, could be any one of the many similar incidents that unfortunately occur in almost absolute silence. In any case, we hope that it will serve as an example and a warning for those who, sadly, might consider their elderly family members to be such a great burden that they decide to abandon them to their fate.


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