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To permanently remove annoying mosquitos,…
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To permanently remove annoying mosquitos, just adopt a bat!

July 09, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The arrival of the summer season always brings with it the summer heat, with its rather high temperatures.

But above all, summer brings a real invasion of mosquitoes and other types of very annoying insects.

There are indeed innumerable techniques and methods that are natural and not so natural for getting rid of these unpleasant insects.

However, today, among these methods, we want to tell you about the increasingly widespread use of bats to remove all kinds of annoying insects.

Yes, you got it right, we are referring to our winged friends of the night!

via: Web MD
image: Wikimedia

Each bat is, in fact, able to eat more than 2000 mosquitoes each, it is enough to simply provide it with adequate shelter in the vicinity of our garden.

To provide a solution to this increasingly widespread need, there have been so-called "bat houses" for sale for quite a while. These are rectangular wooden structures exclusively dedicated to our bat friends that are generally made of birch tree wood without the use of dyes or glue that could discourage our nocturnal friend from taking up residence. 

Bat houses are normally sold in very well-stocked supermarkets, or in ordinary do-it-yourself (DIY) or hobby stores. But where is the best place to hang this nice wooden bat house once it has been purchased?

image: Geograph

The best time of year to buy a bat house is between March and May when bats come out of hibernation.

Hang the bat house about 12 ft (4 m) high up on a tree, or on a wall of your house near tree-lined areas, but be careful not to place them on metal poles (bats do not like them!) or in the vicinity of natural or artificial light sources.

This is because the artificial light sources may confuse the bats regarding the moment when twilight arrives and, as a result, they may not come out of their comfortable shelter.

So, as you can see, there is no need for Batman to come and save your neighborhood from unwelcomed guests, just adopt a few bats!  


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