A dog almost buried in its own hair is saved from living on the street and after being sheared, its lovely eyes are revealed! - WTVideo.com
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A dog almost buried in its own hair…
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A dog almost buried in its own hair is saved from living on the street and after being sheared, its lovely eyes are revealed!


In the innumerable stories of abandonment of four-legged friends that we have told you about, there is always among the protagonists an animal shelter staff that miraculously saves the abandoned dog, takes it under their wing and improves the dog's life by nursing it back to health and finding it a new and affectionate family.

To be honest, the elements of this rescue story do not change much either, and the protagonist is a very sweet Shih Tzu dog that was cruelly left to its fate by an indifferent owner.

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Magnolia, a little Shih Tzu dog living in Great Britain, had been left abandoned on the road by a rather negligent owner.

Fortunately, the Lancaster Animal Shelter of the homonymous English city rescued her, but they also immediately noted a very depressing detail.

In fact, Magnolia was between 9 and 10 years old and not only had a severely matted coat of fur, but it was so thick and filthy that the animal could not see beyond her muzzle. Literally.

Needless to say, the shelter for abandoned animals immediately took care of Magnolia and sheared away all the filthy excess fur that had made her practically blind, thus bringing the beautiful little Shih Tzu dog back to life ... and giving her a new look!

After having lived for many years of her long life in a miserable place with a neglectful owner who was not attentive to the small dog's needs ... Now, Magnolia is under the private custody of Diana Knight, the head of the Lancaster Animal Shelter...

...as this wonderful four-legged friend, waits for an adoptive family to come along that will want to give a lot of love, care, and warmth to a little dog that is not so young anymore but who still perhaps really needs some cuddles and true friendship!

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