A woman has received $179,000 from her…
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A woman has received $179,000 from her ex-husband as compensation for being a full-time homemaker for 27 years!

June 28, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The economic dependence of many wives on their husbands is still a reality in today's society.

Although it may seem a condition linked to the past, many women today hold traditional roles and remain in charge of the home and children rather than working on a career outside of the home.

Fortunately, we live in a world where many men and women should and do have equal opportunities and rights, yet, sometimes, the reality seems to be quite different. In Argentina, a woman was married for 27 years to a man who had no scruples about leaving her.

In those 27 years, the woman had always remained at home to do the housekeeping and look after her husband and children, without ever having the opportunity to work, outside the home to earn a pension, even though she has a degree in economics.

But several years after the divorce, she has finally received her just reward!

image: Pixabay

In Argentina, a judge decided to reward a woman for everything she did during her marriage years, from 1982 to 2009 when her husband decided to leave her. The woman, at the time of the divorce, was 60 - an age when a person should start receiving a pension, or almost.

An opportunity that this woman, with a degree in economics, was denied from the beginning, as she was forced to give up her working career to take care of the house and children while her husband worked. 

During and after the divorce, the woman had to face various economic difficulties, while her husband did quite well thanks to his high-paying job.

However, eight years after the divorce, a judge has decided to remunerate this woman who, at the age of 70, suddenly found herself with nothing, by forcing her ex-husband to pay about $179,000 dollars as compensation.

image: Pixabay

Judge Victoria Famà argues that the woman's previous career, which she had to give up during her marriage, played a key role in determining the sentence.

In Argentina, economic compensation for a spouse after a divorce had already been legally introduced in 2015, so the staggering figure that the husband had to pay as compensation is not surprising.

However, it is a sum, that is rather reasonable, which in this case, compensates for the economic difference between this wife and her husband.


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