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Having only a son satisfies me completely,…
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Having only a son satisfies me completely, so stop telling me that now I should want to have a girl!


If you are a mother of one or more sons, you may have been subjected to questions such as: "When will a daughter arrive?" Or "Now, are you trying to have a girl?"

Being a mother is simply being a mother. Whether the child is male or female, little changes, the fixed points, the important ones must remain the same.

Methods and interests may change but never the intent which is to raise happy children. It is not obvious that a mother, just because she is a female, should automatically want a daughter but many times it is necessary to deal with those who assume the opposite.

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Motherhood is a wonderful adventure for all mothers. Often a mother-to-be fantasizes about the unborn child, perhaps even with some kind preference. Then, when he or she arrives, a woman's will inevitably change.
Naturally, if you are already the mother of a son then many people presume that you are hoping to have a daughter for your next pregnancy. But this is not so guaranteed. In fact, being the mother of a son brings as much joy and satisfaction as being the mother of a daughter.
Still, many people continue to ask incessantly when will a female child arrive, as if we can choose a child from the "stork market". 

Probably, the mothers of females are also asked the same question, but in reverse "When are you going to have a boy?", but perhaps less frequently. In any case, the mother of sons is just as happy and satisfied as the mother of daughters. 

There are some practical aspects that obviously change, such as washing the baby or changing diapers, or perhaps different interests. The games can also be different, even if this aspect is not obvious, and maybe we find ourselves pretending to be a zombie or climbing like Spiderman.

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Despite the differences, having a boy is wonderful; he is your prince, the man in your life. The love and attachment of a male child for his mother repay her for every effort. It is not necessary to have a female to feel satisfied or loved or to be happy accomplices of great emotions.

Male children can also love intensely and demonstrate a great attachment, especially towards their mother. Not to say that also in terms of anger, that girls are certainly not less.

Whoever has a son is not necessarily looking for anything else, therefore, it is best to avoid taking this for granted. We cannot choose to whom we will be parents, but we can decide, day by day, what kind of parents we will be.

Whether male or female, the things that are important are the same and love and satisfaction is not based on the sex of the unborn child.

In any case, it is not surprising that so many mothers with a son would, in all honesty, like to have another son, to make them feel like very special queens.

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