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During a funeral, a horse joined the…
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During a funeral, a horse joined the mourners to say goodbye to his best friend

June 12, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Great friendships between humans and animals do not only happen in stories featuring cats and dogs.

In fact, there are also different bonds of friendship that can be created between humans and their other four-legged friends.

One such story is the one we are about to tell you and that involves an unfortunate young man and ... a white horse.

The heartbreaking story happened in Paraiba, a small town in Brazil, and what the horse did for his "best friend" moved the entire country.

The young man, Wagner Figuereido, 34, was well known in his Brazilian town; always well-liked and well received.

And he spent most of his free time with Sereno, his white horse with whom he had formed a very strong and loving friendship. 

Unfortunately, following a car accident, Wagner suddenly lost his life, leaving his community in Paraiba dumbfounded and filled with sorrow.

On the day of Wagner's funeral, his loved ones thought that his horse, Sereno would also be filled with immense sorrow, that beautiful white horse that had always been for Wagner a source of inexhaustible joy. And so it was. 

In the moving moment when Wagner's casket was being carried by his friends to the cemetery, Sereno approached the flower-covered casket as if he knew that he was giving Wagner his last salute, and he started to neigh continuously and rub himself against the casket.

On the way to the cemetery, Sereno followed the crowd and continued to neigh, as if he were crying.


It is difficult to know if horses also experience the same feelings as we do as human beings.

But, we unquestionably know after seeing these images that at that moment Sereno felt a profound sense of loss and emptiness in the absence of his best friend, Wagner.

Of this we are certain.


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